How to stop Google Play Music from playing automatically

Google Play Music Starts By Itself

Users of Google Play Music, the popular music app and service from Google, may have noticed something odd recently, Google Play Music has been starting up on its own, even when they weren’t using it.

This can be frustrating if you’re in the middle of something else, or even if you just don’t want to listen to music right now. Why does Google Play Music start by itself? And how can you stop it from doing so? Here’s what you need to know.

The goal of music is to play your favorite songs so you can have fun while doing other things. Sometimes, however, music services like Google Play Music inexplicably start playing music on their own.

Whether you’re relaxing in a quiet room or studying in an empty library, it’s nice to know how to stop a service like Google Play from starting up out of nowhere.

How to stop Google Play Music from playing automatically

1. There’s nothing more annoying than having the music come on at an inappropriate time. If you’re listening to music with your phone connected via Bluetooth, there’s a good chance that you might accidentally press some button on your phone that might start the app.

You can prevent this by disabling any button assigned to start playing when pressed or disabling any hand gesture so you don’t accidentally start Google Play Music.

2. Sometimes this happens when you get internet access on your phone because it might be that you were streaming the music from the internet but you lost the internet connection and the music stopped. So the moment your phone connects to any internet, it will automatically resume Google Music play.

3. There’s a free app called Auto App Killer, which you can download from your phone. It will make sure that none of your apps are running in the background when you don’t want them to be. This should cut down on any background processes and reduce what is causing Google Play Music to run at random times.

4. You could consider uninstalling Google Play Music, it’s not something most people would do lightly, but if it’s really bothering you then it might be worth trying.

Google Music Play Alternate

You’re never short of options when it comes to streaming music, with a host of services on offer that plays host to everything from major hits to off-the-wall tracks. Even though Google Play Music has been disconnected but there are other good streaming services around.


Spotify is a music and podcast streaming platform developed by Swedish startup Spotify AB. It provides digital rights management-protected content from record labels and media companies. It allows users to listen to millions of songs on-demand through a web browser or mobile device application. Users can create, edit, and share playlists, share tracks on social media, and make playlists with other users.

Apple Music

Apple Music is a music and video streaming service, developed by Apple Inc. Users select music to stream to their device on-demand, or they can listen to existing, curated playlists. The service was launched on June 30, 2015, and it offers a three-month free trial period before requiring a paid subscription.


Pandora is also a music service with two primary products: Pandora Radio, which provides a type of streaming radio, and Pandora Premium, its full-catalog on-demand service. Both services are available in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. In Australia and New Zealand, both services are provided as an ad-free subscription at a cost of AU$9.99/month


It’s not clear what’s causing your phone to launch an app you don’t want it to, but there are two common culprits. The first is that you have a home screen widget or application launcher that is adding a shortcut or icon for an app on your home screen.

To fix it, simply go into your home screen and remove any shortcuts or icons associated with apps you don’t want open on your phone if there are any.

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