How to use a dedicated video card instead of integrated

Game Using Wrong Graphics Card? Here’s A Fix.

If you’re a gamer, then you know all about the importance of having a good graphics card that can play all the want games you want on high settings at 60fps.

This can be a very frustrating experience if your PC is not able to achieve a playable frame rate when playing a game with all the high-end GPU you have, only to notice that it was running on the wrong graphics card.

There’s actually an easy fix to this common problem. If you want to learn how to fix a game that’s using the wrong graphics card, just follow these steps and you’ll be back in action before you know it. 

This is a common problem with multi-GPU computers, especially laptops, or if you’ve recently upgraded your graphics card. Laptops run on battery so they don’t consume more power as a desktop PC does. Because of that they mostly run on the integrated GPU to save power.

However, when you start a graphics intense application like a game, the PC is supposed to switch to the discrete GPU for better performance instead of using the integrated GPU. It makes sense to do so because dedicated GPUs are more powerful and can offer better performance than integrated GPUs.

The problem starts when the PC does not automatically switch GPU and the game runs off the wrong GPU. This is when you will notice you are getting unplayable frame rates. If you notice that your game is running slower or less smoothly than it’s supposed to, then you need to fix it.

How to use a dedicated video card instead of integrated

If you’re having trouble running a game on your computer, it might be because your computer is defaulting to integrated graphics rather than dedicated graphics. Follow these steps to ensure that your computer uses its dedicated graphics instead of integrated.

Assign the game to the GPU

Right-click on your Desktop

Click on Display Settings

In the new Windows Click on Graphics Settings

Now click on Browse to select the game you want to play

Click Add after selecting the game

Now click on Option and select your dedicated GPU from the list.

Click on Save and you are done

You can now enjoy your game using the dedicated GPU.

Change power settings in Windows 10

Windows 10 includes an advanced power management system that automatically manages available resources to minimize power consumption.

If you run into a problem with game performance, you can usually fix it by tweaking your PC’s power management settings because laptops mostly operate with power-saving mode to save battery and an integrated GPU will be selected to save battery, so you will have to choose High-Performance mode before games will automatically select your dedicated GPU when gaming.

To change these settings, type Power options into Cortana or search in your taskbar for Power Options and select Chose Power plan.

From there, click on Show additional plans and select High performance


Use NVidia control panel

First, download and install your video card’s latest drivers. You can find them on your manufacturer’s website or through a driver-finder tool such as Guru3D.

After you’ve downloaded and installed them, open up your NVIDIA Control Panel by clicking Start Menu > Programs > NVIDIA Corporation > 3D Settings > Change Resolution (or Change Resolution for Laptops) at bottom of the screen to go directly to the correct page on the control panel.

Then, navigate to the Manage 3D settings > Program Settings tab. Select a program from the dropdown menu and click Add.

Navigate to game executable (ex: \Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life 2). Click Apply after each change is made.

Use AMD Radeon Software

Installing third-party software to manage your game drivers can save you a lot of headaches. But, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can also cause problems.

If your game is running on an Intel integrated graphics processor (IGP), and you want to use an AMD Radeon GPU instead, AMD Adrenalin should help get everything up and running smoothly

Right-click on your desktop

Select AMD Radeon Software

In AMD Adrenalin Software, select the Gaming tab

Click on the 3dot

Click Add A Game

Now navigate to the game you want to play with your GPU and click Open. You make any settings you want over on the settings page

They will now be in the Home tab, so you can play it from there.

How to know if your PC has more than one graphics card

If you aren’t sure whether your PC has a second GPU, then you can use software to figure it out. MSI Afterburner is one such program.

If you have Afterburner installed and open, right-click on your desktop, select MSI AB > Open MSI AB Overlay > Tools and click on Hardware Information (F7). This will bring up an overlay showing lots of stats about your PC, scroll down until you see GPU Type.

Why do I care if my game is being run on the wrong GPU?

If you’re a PC gamer, you already know that your computer comes with a dedicated GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) which is used to process all of your visuals, from 3D games to videos and movies.

You may be wondering why it matters if your game is being run on another GPU other than your dedicated one, in short, because it can have disastrous effects on everything from performance to gameplay.


When playing games, be sure to check that your default settings are set up correctly. If your game is running slower than it should, or if you aren’t getting a good performance when playing the game, make sure the game is using the dedicated GPU if the machine has one.

However, if it only has integrated GPU, changing the game settings to low can help improve the gaming performance.

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