Does RAM speed bottleneck FPS? Answered

RAM is a volatile storage that stores data that your PC needs to access, unlike your storage drives, RAM stores data temporarily. The data stored on the RAM is deleted when you restart or shut down your computer system.

A bottleneck is a situation whereby a component is too slow or can’t keep up with other components, so prevent the other components from performing to their potential. A bottleneck can make a PC upgrade useless.

For example, if you have a graphics card like RTX 3080 paired with an intel i5 3570, because the CPU is too old, it will not be able to keep up with the GPU, hence, making the GPU wait longer to receive data.

Yes, RAM speed can limit your FPS. However, the RAM has to be low enough to impact your FPS. The difference between RAM speed of 3200Mhz and 3600Mhz is not significant when gaming, but something like 2400Mhz vs 3600Mhz has a significant difference in game performance.

That doesn’t mean you should go out and purchase the fasters RAM out there. You must choose a RAM speed depending on your system. AMD CPU for instance utilizes RAM speed than Intel.

Also, the RAM speed you need will depend on the CPU you have, pairing a 3600Mhz with an i3 10300 won’t yield many benefits in gaming.

Sometimes, it’s better to spend the extra money on a better graphics card or CPU, because you will get a significantly more FSP that way than having high-speed RAM.

Is more RAM better?

More RAM allows programs to load faster and that increases productivity, it also helps make games load faster.

Your game files are stored on the hard drive or SSD but accessing them is slower, so games temporarily store the needed information on RAM so it can access it easily and faster than from the hard drive, so having more RAM means the game can store more data on the RAM though not all games need more RAM for data storage. Most games only need 8 GB or fewer RAM whiles others need more than that.

The amount of RAM needed depends on what you do on your computer, some systems will perform better with 32GB RAM, others with 16 Gb, and even others will be okay with 4 GB of RAM.

Also, having 32 GB in some systems is useless and a waste of money if all you do on such a PC is watch movies and surf the web. Only purchase more RAM if needed, don’t go out and buy more RAM because we say more RAM is better.


Yes, RAM speed could bottleneck your FPS, however, there are other components that could bottleneck your FPS more than the RAM speed. 3000Mhz is enough for most builds and 3200Mhz for high-end builds. DDR5 RAM has higher speed but they are not well optimized well at the moment to utilize their speed.

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