Does HDD Use More Battery Than an SSD?

Mechanical hard drives have been in existence for a very long time and they are not going away anytime soon even with SSDs getting cheaper because no matter how cheap SSD gets, they will still be more expensive than regular mechanical hard drives.

Yes, HDD uses more battery than an SSD because mechanical hard drives works and access data from a spinning disk, and because of that, it needs more power than an SSD that does not have any moving parts.

SSD is much faster than a regular hard drive and it uses a new technology that stores data on interconnected flash memory chips. SSDs don’t consume as much power as a hard drive.

The hard drive uses more battery than an SSD but the difference is not significant, moreover, most of the modern laptops come with an SSD as the primary drive and a hard drive as the secondary storage

If you are worried about the hard drive consuming your battery, you should rather consider other parts that consume more power than the hard drive. For instance, the GPU in a laptop can use up to 150w depending on the type of GPU, that amount of watts needs a lot of power from the battery.

Meanwhile, a hard drive only consumes around 4 to 8 watts depending on the speed of the hard drive and the capacity.

There are ways to save battery life than worrying about the hard drive’s battery consumption. Below are some tips to increase your battery life.

  1. Lower the brightness of your screen, especially when it’s at night when you can still see what’s on the screen even with the lowest brightness settings.

  2. Turn off or put your laptop to sleep mode when you are not using it, which helps conserve battery.

  3. Turn off the keyboard backlight during day time.

  4. In case you play a game on your laptop, reducing the graphic settings reduces the amount of battery consumption.


Generally, HDD uses battery more than an SSD but the difference does not call for an alarm.

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