Does cooling pad increase FPS

Does a Cooling Pad Actually Increase Your FPS?

When you’re playing games on your PC, there are all sorts of things that you can do to get the best possible experience, including adjusting your monitor settings or making sure your processor and graphics card is running as efficiently as possible. There’s one thing that people often forget about, though, the desktop or laptop itself.

Sure, it doesn’t seem like something that should affect your gaming performance much at all, but an overheating or poorly ventilated desktop could actually reduce your FPS quite dramatically and put you at a disadvantage when it comes to your competition online.

A cooling pad is an affordable way to improve laptop performance and extend its life. It does so by delivering cool air through fans and vents to both CPU and GPU, which reduces their temperature and improves overall performance.

Does cooling pad increase FPS

Gaming performance is affected by many factors, one of which is your computer’s temperature. To increase performance, some players opt to use an external cooling pad to help regulate their machine’s temperature.

However, you might be surprised to learn that there’s not much science supporting their claims. They do not actually increase your FPS but rather help reduce the temperature of your laptop. In a case where your laptops overheat and throttle back, a cooling pad could help cool the laptop to prevent it from throttling, hence helping maintain your FPS.

In essence, a cooling pad is just like any other laptop stand: it elevates your laptop off your desk so that it can draw in cooler air from underneath (like having a big fan blow on it). However, most cooling pads are designed with heat-dissipating features like ventilated grills and special designs that allow more airflow around your laptop than just using a standard stand.

This allows them to cool down even faster than if you just left them sitting on top of your desk. The question is, do cooling pads actually work?

We did a test to see if cooling pads work. Our test system was equipped with an Intel Core i7-8750H processor, 16GB of RAM, and an Nvidia GTX 1070 GPU.

We played two rounds of Overwatch at maximum settings for 10 minutes each round to simulate what you might experience during an intense gaming session. Our first test was conducted without any additional cooling pad in place.

As expected, our GPU temperatures hovered between 80–85 degrees Celsius throughout the round.

For Round 2, we placed a cooling pad under the laptop to improve airflow. Sure enough, after about 10 minutes into Round 2, our average GPU temperature dropped by about 5 degrees Celsius compared to Round 1. At its lowest point during Round 2, it dipped down to 75 degrees Celsius. While these numbers may not seem significant, every degree counts when you’re playing games.

So yes, a cooling pad will indeed lower your CPU and GPU temperatures while playing games, but only if there is sufficient airflow, to begin with. There was no difference in FPS though.

Factors to consider before buying a cooling pad

If you’re like me, your laptop heats up when it’s used for long periods of time. I consider myself lucky if my laptop remains cool for more than an hour or two after being turned on. If you’re looking to keep your laptop cool so that it lasts longer and performs better, then you may be interested in purchasing a cooling pad.

However, before dropping some cash on one of these products, there are some things that you should consider first…

  1. Make sure there is no dust clog in your laptop before buying a cooling pad because sometimes, just cleaning the dust in your laptop could eliminate the heating.

  2. Not all laptops have a vent on the cover under the laptop, and cooling pads blow air into laptops through the cooling vent, so without a vent, you cannot use a cooling pad. The best choice you have for situations like this is to open up your laptops and do a thorough cleaning.

  3. Some laptops also have a vent underneath but using a cooling pad wouldn’t be effective because the cooling fans inside the laptop are not located where the vent is.

  4. You should also know that cooler pads are effective but not for all laptops, they perform well on laptops with more vents underneath them. If your laptop only has one small vent underneath, then the cooling pad will not be as effective as it should be.

  5. Think about whether or not you want something lightweight and portable or something heavier and less mobile (many portable pads don’t offer as much heat dissipation as their stationary counterparts).

Does a cooling pad increase performance?

Not actually, cooling pads do not affect your performance. The purpose of a cooling pad is to keep your laptop from overheating by facilitating air circulation to your laptop through vents. If you’re looking for an increase in gaming performance, investing in a laptop with a better CPU and GPU is going to be more effective than getting a cooling pad.

However, if you’re just looking to play games without your computer overheating and throttling back on you, then a cooling pad might be worth it. There are several different kinds of cooling pads available, make sure you research what kind would work best with your laptop before purchasing one.

Does a cooling pad drain battery?

Yes, if it’s connected to your laptop’s USB port it will drain your battery. The cooling pad is meant to be plugged into an outlet so that it can power itself and not use any of your laptop’s power.

If you are gaming on battery power and don’t have an outlet nearby then I would suggest removing it from your laptop or just using it for short periods of time.

It won’t damage your computer in any way as long as you follow instructions on how to set it up properly. (Follow instructions) There is no such thing as too much cooling when it comes to computers because there isn’t really such thing as too much airflow either.

It will only help keep your components cool which keeps them running at their best performance possible.

Is a cooling pad worth it?

If you own a gaming laptop, it’s a fact of life that your poor little hotbox will sometimes overheat and lose performance as a result. The natural solution is to get yourself an aftermarket cooling pad, but do they actually help at all? 

Yes, they do, but they won’t decrease your temperature significantly or increase your frames per second (FPS).


The overall performance of your gaming computer, like that of any other piece of computer hardware, has an impact on its performance. If you have components that are either outdated or not up to par with those found in other computers you’re playing against, it is more than likely that you’ll experience reduced frame rates during gameplay.

A few degrees cooler can make all the difference. Gaming with a cooling pad may be all in your head. While these pads can make your gaming experience more comfortable, they might not actually increase performance.

In fact, several studies have found that using a cooling pad has no effect on the framerate at all. So if you’re just looking for comfort, then by all means go ahead and buy one of these pads, but don’t expect it to help you play better or get higher scores.

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