Can You Use PC without Case? Answered

The PC case is also important when building a PC, even though it’s one of the things you can ignore completely when building a system.

Many people see computer cases as something just for aesthetics and nothing more, however, PC case plays an important role for people who uses them and to my knowledge, the only advantage of not having a PC case is easy access to your PC hardware. You may ask if you can still use a PC without a case.

PC cases are mainly there for your hardware protection and also aesthetics, but if you don’t care about those things, then YES, you can use a PC without a case but there is a caveat here.

Even without a PC case, you will still get airflow to cool down your components, but the system will always attract dust because there is nothing filtering the dust from the airflow, that makes a PC case very important if you live in a dusty area but want to keep your PC clean with little effort.

Also, PC cases protect expensive components in the system if there are pets, children, and even bugs in your house. With an open system, your kids or pet will easily have access to the component and they might damage it by trying to play with it. Bugs can also hide somewhere in the system. I remember a wall gecko getting into my PSU when I opened my case and it damaged my PSU.

PC cases always provide some needed add-on which also comes in handy, most cases come with trays we can mount our hard drives, SSDs, DVDs Rom, and others. Some also come with one to four USB ports like 3.0, and 3.2 USB ports and the expensive PC cases come with USB type-c. Always remember these things when you decide not to use a PC case.

Is an open case better for cooling?

There is no simple yes or no answer to this question as they both have pros and cons, but depending on your situation, one might be better than the other for you.

In situations where you can’t keep your components cool, it might be because you don’t have enough vents for airflow so opening your case will help here. With an open case, there is no stagnant hot air in the case.

However, if you have a good cooling solution and a nice airflow in and out of the case, opening the case will not make any difference but even make your hardware dusty. If your components are dusty, they can also prevent airflow, so be willing to clean your system all the time if you decide to go with the open case.


A PC case does not increase the PC’s performance but there are some benefits and add-ons we get from them. I will always recommend you use a PC case for your components’ protection and the add-ons like more USBs and the headphone jack they provide.

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