Can you facetime in Airplane mode? Answered.

Yes, you can use facetime in airplane mode because facetime needs the internet to work, so if you have wifi connection around, you can use facetime. There was a time you couldn’t use get an internet connection or even Bluetooth if airplane mode is on, but you can now use wifi connection if airplane mode is on.

Facetime is an IOS app that is only found on Apple products like iPhones, IPad, and even Macbooks that allow users to chat or talk with friends in real time. It is just like WhatsApp but for IOS users only.

Airplane mode is a feature in a phone that turns off cellular, internet, and Bluetooth connection on your phone.

It got the name Airplane mode because phones were sending RF signals whiles in airplanes which were distracting operators of the aircraft from getting signals from airframe controls. So, with airplane mode turned on, it helped prevent signal interference in planes.

With Airplane mode on, all your apps that use the internet will not work, but with technology evolving all the time, things change and you can now use a wireless connection even with airplane mode turned on.

Can you call someone if their phone is in airplane mode?

No, you can’t call someone if their phone is on airplane mode, because airplane mode turns off cellular data, however, if the person is using a wireless internet connection, you can call them through facetime, Whatsapp, or any of those apps.


You can use Facetime when Airplane mode is on, but only if you are connected to the internet via a wireless internet connection. Without wifi, you cannot use Facetime or any other app that needs an internet connection to work,

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