Can a Hacker Brick your PC? Answered

Computer system keeping more and more part of our life, and as it does so does the risk it impose. We use computer for everything now, it controls our money, our health and everything else we do now. Because of this, we should understand the risk too.

Brick in electronic mean rendering any electronic useless or damaged, an electronic bricked means it has stopped working or stop doing what it’s supposed to do. A bricked computer is a damaged computer. Even bricking a single component in a PC can render the whole system useless. So the question now is how can a PC brick and can a hacker brick your PC?

Yes, a hacker can brick your computer even if the hacker is not sitting behind the PC. They find a way to get access to your PC and if they do, they can brick your PC in many ways.

A hacker can brick your PC by deleting important files needed by the operating system, without these files, you PC will not even boot to desktop and sometimes you will have to format your hard drive to repair the damage and you might lose your files if you format the drive.

Also a hacker can brick your PC by encrypting your storage device to prevent you from accessing your important files on it. They mostly demand a ransom before they unlock your drive. If you don’t pay the ransom, they can delete your files forever.

Apart from a hacker bricking your PC, you can also brick your PC in some ways without knowing. The common way PC users brick their PC is by trying to install a new BIOS. When installing BIOS update on a motherboard without a flashBIOS, the machine will brick if the power to the PC goes off, or if you mistakenly remove the flash drive you are using.

You can also brick your own PC by install an incompatible software on your PC. There was a video game which was bricking some graphics card in 2021.

How to unbrick your bricked PC

You can only fix a bricked PC if the damage is not severe, try the following fix if your PC is bricked

  1. Resetting BIOS can factory reset your BIOS if your ever brick it

  2. Sometimes you might have bricked your PC whiles trying to install a software and because you can’t go back to windows to uninstall the software, your only choice it to activate recovery mode or safe mode to revert or uninstall the software.

  3. You also fix bricked PC by formatting the hard drive and installing a fresh Windows OS. Note that formatting your storage drive you will lose everything stored on it.

  4. Sometimes all you have to do it reset your CMOS battery to reset your motherboard setting back to default.

Can such a virus brick a PC?

Yes a virus can brick your computer, however this is very easily prevented by just having a good anti-virus on your computer or by not downloading from any site you don’t trust.


It’s not common for a hacker to target and brick your PC but you must always have an anti-virus installed on your PC and always update your Operating System because sometimes there if an update just to fix a vulnerability so installing OS update is always important

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